Tenant &
Background Screening


Mitigate risk by identifying the ‘flags’ that indicate an applicant’s identity and background history. Whether your a lender or property manager, NCS has the right solution.

Can you afford to choose the wrong tenant?

An eviction can cost up between $3,500- $10,ooo. Don’t burn your rental income!

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TRV® (Tax Return Verification) +

Tax Return Verification, or TRV Services obtains tax transcript data from the IRS using the IRS Form 4506-T. Results are typically returned by the IRS in 48-72 hours.

TRV Services & Fannie Mae’s D1C program Coming Soon. NCS is currently forecasting to begin piloting with Fannie Mae in Oct 2017.

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Tenant Screening +

☑ No Set-up Fees
☑ No Minimums
☑ No Hassle

NCSTRV.SmartMove media

SmartMove® is a comprehensive tenant screening package powered by TransUnion, providing independent landlords, real estate agents and property managers peace of mind knowing their rental applicants have passed a credit, criminal and eviction screening.


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Verification of Employment +

Conducted via one of multiple employment databases, or through a direct phone call with the employer. All VOE phone calls are conducted within the United States.

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SSV (SSA-89 Processing) +

NCS’ SSV solution electronically processes executed SSA-89 forms with the SSA (Social Security Administration). NCS clients can place or retrieve requests via NCS HD platform or NCS’ LOS integrations. The SSA returns a confirmation to NCS stating whether the data on the SSA-89 form matches what is on file at the SSA. SSV is commonly used to confirm whether a SSN (Social Security Number) matches the supplied name and address of the SSN holder.

SSV results satisfy Fannie Mae’s standard for the validation of a SSN within Section B2-2-01 of their Selling Guide.

SSV is eligible for NCS’ All Inclusive Pricing Program.

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Instant Bank Statement +

NCS offers a unique cost-effective approach to new account acquisitions, credit protection and lending.

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Verification of Deposit (VOD) +

NCS offers a unique cost-effective approach to new account acquisitions, credit protection and lending.

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Independent Verification +

Validate total income and TIN (SSN, EIN, ITIN) directly from the IRS with TRV® services.

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