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Verification of Employment

With 27% of loan applications containing falsified employment and income data, verification of employment (VOE) is a crucial piece of the lending decision in determining a borrower’s ability to repay.

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VOE Services | A Responsive Solution to Verifying Employment

Our experts are well-prepared and supported to complete any manual, automated or verbal verification with granular transparency throughout the VOE request's life-cycle.

bullet Direct to Employer
bullet Automated
bullet Verbal

“Prudent origination, processing, and underwriting practices should include looking for red flags in the loan documents that raise questions about the transaction.” -Fannie Mae


Verify with the utmost confidence. Validating employment credentials of applicants helps mitigate mortgage fraud and improve the quality of your loan.

By using a third-party vendor, you streamline your operational workflow. Whether to consider third-party service providers using automation, verbal or direct-to-employer verification processes, NCS’ VOE Services has the customer support, the operations team, and the cultural experience to seamlessly manage all of your VOE requirements.

NCS’ VOE Services goes beyond the expected in delivering quality reports with speed, accuracy, and consistency with a specific focus on customer satisfaction.

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No setup costs or minimums | Reduced loan manufacturing costs
Third-party provider reports | Enhanced accuracy of information
Speak to live onshore staff | Valued customer service experience
Easy order tracking | Granular transparency
Email notifications | In-app messaging throughout life-cycle

Get Results in 4 Easy Steps.

workflow for voe

1. Place order with NCS- leave the data input to us!
2. Select VOE type.
3. Upload employer details & release authorization
4. Review your order.

No data input.
bullet Streamline your workflow
bullet Improve time-management
bullet Increase productivity

Your Success = Our Commitment.
Here is a CRITERIA CHECKLIST to help lenders weigh the benefits of considering a partner resource like NCS over retaining processes in-house:

☑ More cost-effective than in-house resources.
☑ Reduces lender infrastructure costs.
☑ Offers a variable cost model.
☑ Preferred fulfillment support processes & feature advantages.
☑ An unbiased resource in the lending decision.
☑ Offers greater volume flexibility than in-house staffing.
☑ Emulates in-house fulfillment with engineered granular transparency and end-user control.
☑ Best practice third-party oversight is now commonplace in the mortgage ecosystem.

Free Up Your Time To Close More Loans, Faster.
Focus on loan volume. Delegate the time-consuming ancillary tasks to 3rd party experts.

You Spoke. We Listened.
What Lenders are Saying

Painpoints In-House Verifications

✓ Fulfilling VOE is outside the normal scope of loan processing
✓ Lender systems rarely make it easy to capture the process
✓ Time-consuming to process (average 15-20 min each).
✓ No actionable system intel managing employer conversation
✓ Requires multiple contacts for employers
✓ Manual paper-based process for 75% of orders.

✱ 70% of loans require two employment verifications per loan.
✱ Powerful databases exist for employment and earning history,
but they only cover 25% or less of the US labor force.



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