Verification of Employment (VOE)

Did you know  75% of all employment verifications must be completed manually over automation? Leverage our relationships and experience to expedite this required underwriting element.

NCS is well prepared to verify employment and income with strong policies and workflow methodologies established to deliver a quality manual process. We also offer automated and verbal employment verifications.

Our biggest asset is our highly trained operations team and experienced customer support staff who measure the success or failure of each order. In addition, we go beyond the expected in delivering total transparency during the lifecycle of an order including call logs, recordings, and timeline completion.

VOE Service features:

bullet NCS clients are never unaware of their order’s status. The entire VOE process is fully mapped and defined. Each step is time stamped and available for reporting.

bullet 85% of all manual VOEs are completed in 48 hours or less.

bullet NCS personnel are located in the continental US and are trained to speak clearly to efficiently complete any VOE process when contacting an employer.

bullet NCS’ HD platform makes placing and receiving VOE requests simple and intuitive.

bullet Choose to utilize NCS’ accounts with the employment data repositories or provide NCS with authorized access to your registered account.

An approximate 25% of the national workforce employment history is available via data repositories instantly. The remaining 75% of US employers do not report to a data repository and must be contacted with a written or verbal (phone call) communication to complete an applicant’s verification of employment. NCS’ VOE service has access to more than 7 employment repositories, from large to small, and a highly trained manual verification team that is located entirely in the continental United States.

VOE reports are eligible for NCS’ All Inclusive Pricing Program.

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bullet Better validate the borrower’s ability to repay

bullet Ensure overall loan quality

bullet Cover for the entire workforce rather than utilizing only a database for 30% of the workforce

bullet Document the determination process with clarity for audit purposes

bullet Speed up the origination process with an easy-to-understand format and expedited delivery

NCS is your single-source verification provider


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