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Our TRV® Services (4506-T tax return verification) provides lenders easy-to-read income verification data.
NCS is now a Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty authorized report supplier of 4506-t tax return verification (TRV® Services) through Desktop Underwriter® (DU®).

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Best-in-class tax return verification data in easy-to-read reports.

Taxpayer IRS Tax Transcript data is a required income verification element in most mortgage underwriting scenarios. The FBI, Fannie Mae and multiple industry studies point to fraudulent income as the second highest source of fraud behind a borrower’s misrepresentation of liabilities.

Fast, reliable verification of a taxpayer’s full income and identity information through IRS and SSA databases.

We know that mitigating the risk of a consumer’s ability to pay their loan is imperative in today’s economy.  With TRV® Services (4506-T tax return verification), you can count on an optimal service to accurately verify individual or business income data. A streamlined, cost-effective tax transcript ordering process designed to reduce the impact that income and identity fraud can have on your bottom line.


NCS’ compliance with Fannie Mae’s underwriting requirements through Desktop Underwriting® (DU®) and integration with Day 1 Certainty will deliver MORE ✓speed, ✓simplicity, ✓certainty to the mortgage origination process.

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✅     Day 1 Certainty Approved: Offering representation and warranty relief as a Day 1 Certainty authorized 4506-T report supplier from Fannie Mae

✅     Transparency: Performance tracking of each process and status for simple, comprehensive monitoring and reporting

✅     Web service and integration platform: NCS’ LOS integrations include Calyx Point®, Lending QB and Encompass

✅     Reduce Risk: 7% below national average for IRS 4506-T rejects resulting in cost savings for clients

✅     Streamline Operations: 24-48* hour turn times and access to multiple IRS processing centers utilizing ‘workload balancing’.

✅     Customizable Reports: Multiple report options, data formats and analytics available

✅     eSignature Compliant: IRS-compliant electronic signature process reduces the time spent collecting raw signatures and eliminates the extra steps of mailing or faxing.

✅     Zero consumer disputes. TRV® Services product line has a proven track record of zero disputes and zero claims against NCS’ professional liability coverage.

✅     Reduce Business Overhead: Save time and increase your profits by eliminating the mundane tasks of processing orders internally and avoid the hassle of dealing with the IRS.

*Due to governmental budget cuts, the IRS makes every effort to expedite IVES service as quickly as possible. However, orders may experience longer turnaround times.

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NCS Alliance Partner Program

NCS and our network of resellers (NCS Alliance Partners) are the only source for TRV® Services, the first source of IRS tax transcript available across the US. No other source provides the breadth of reports, performance analytics and SLA protection as NCS. And, no other source can match the expertise needed to navigate the intricacies of the IRS like NCS.

TRV® Services are eligible for NCS’ All Inclusive Pricing Program.

The IRS has revised 4506T/EZ forms — and IRS transcripts now redact PII.

As of September 2018, the following have been revised on the 4506-T and 4506T-EZ forms ( click here to read more ):

  • Both forms now have a Line 5a and a Line 5b replacing a single Line 5
  • Line 5a will have the Third party’s name and address which was previously on Line 5

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