4506-T Processing (TRV® Services)

Tax Return Verification, or TRV® Services obtains tax transcript data from the IRS using the IRS Form 4506-T. Results are typically returned by the IRS in 48-72 hours.

TRV® Services features:

Taxpayer IRS Tax Transcript data is a required income verification element in most mortgage underwriting scenarios. The FBI, Fannie Mae and multiple industry studies point to fraudulent income as the second highest source of fraud behind a borrower’s misrepresentation of liabilities.

We support landlords, property management companies and rental agencies with fast, effective service.

TRV® Services & Fannie Mae’s D1C program, “Coming Soon”. NCS is currently forecasting to begin piloting with Fannie Mae in August 2017.

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  • Use of three IRS Service centers for turn-time performance, redundancy, and metrics matching to the End User client
  • NCS Senior Vice President Cecil Bowman was the IRS responsible official for the development and deployment of the IVES program currently in use to retrieve IRS Tax Transcripts
  • Expert knowledge of IRS to better route requests, understand system architecture and better advocate for program enhancements
  • Multiple report options, data formats and analytics available
  • Proprietary 4506-T QC conducted prior to delivery to the IRS that can be increased or decreased to the client’s specification
  • Performance tracking of each process and status for simple, comprehensive monitoring and reporting available via NCS’ HD Platform or web service integration
  • Multiple industry recognized experts for on staff for IRS income validation
  • 7% below national average for IRS 4506-T rejects resulting in a cost savings for clients
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NCS Alliance Partner Program

NCS and our network of resellers (NCS Alliance Partners) are the only source for TRV® Services, the first source of IRS tax transcript available across the US. No other source provides the breadth of reports, performance analytics and SLA protection as NCS. And, no other source can match the expertise needed to navigate the intricacies of the IRS like NCS.

TRV® Services are eligible for NCS’ All Inclusive Pricing Program.

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