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Social Security Verification (SSA- 89 Processing):

NCS’ SSV Services solution electronically processes executed SSA-89 forms with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

SSV Services | Social Security Verification | SSA-89 Processing

NCS’ SSV solution electronically processes executed SSA-89 forms with the SSA (Social Security Administration). SSV is commonly used to confirm whether a SSN (Social Security Number) matches the supplied name and address of the SSN holder.

☑ NCS clients can place or retrieve requests via NCS HD platform or NCS’ LOS integrations.

☑ The SSA (Social Security Administration) returns a confirmation to NCS stating whether the data on the SSA-89 form matches what is on file at the SSA.

SSV Services results satisfy Fannie Mae’s standard for the validation of an SSN within Section B2-2-01 of their Selling Guide.

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Utilize NCS’ SSV Services solution for compliance with certain Fannie Mae underwriting rules (LOAN QUALITY INITIATIVE).

(a) do not pass delivery edits,
(b) receive an SSN verification message within Desktop Underwriter, or
(c) fail the validity test of a third-party SSN validity tool.

SSV Services is eligible for NCS’ All Inclusive Pricing Program.

DISCLAIMER: NCS’ SSV SOLUTION IS NOT APPROVED, ENDORSED, OR AUTHORIZED BY THE SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION. No language within NCS’ online presences, social media messaging or marketing assets are meant to construe a relationship between NCS and the Social Security Administration above NCS’ participation within the SSA’s CBSV program. NCS (National Credit-reporting System, Inc.) is an active and vetted participant in the SSA’s CBSV program, by which entities request from the SSA a verification of the SSN holder’s name, date of birth, and SSN.

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