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Risk Mitigation Solutions

Easily complete this necessary component using the most popular and powerful data services to streamline your process, reduce costs, and close a higher volume of loans faster.

Courthouse Abstracting

Since 1985, NCS’ Courthouse Services division has placed abstractors in courthouses throughout the U.S. for fast and thorough property research.

  • Quickly determine whether there’s an encumbrance upon property used for collateral
  • Determine lien position for portfolio reviews, portfolio purchases, and foreclosure proceedings
  • Determine lien position for HELOCs (Home Equity Lines of Credit) or mortgage refinancing

Several Courthouse Service options include;

  • Current/multiple owner searches
  • Legal investing/deed search
  • Tax status
  • Document retrieval & copies
  • NJ county liens & judgments
  • Mortgage & foreclosure search

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Score Enhancement Tools (CreditXpert®)

Quickly assess score enhancement possibilities and forecast/simulate the scoring effects of positive and negative actions a consumer can take upon their credit file.

The CreditXpert Solution Suite provides the tools a mortgage originator needs when assisting a consumer in raising their risk scores. CreditXpert empowers the consumer to take specific actions to maximize their risk score and better position themselves for the loan program they desire.

The CreditXpert solutions listed below are available via the credit reporting platform. *CreditXpert Credit Assure™ is presented with each mortgage credit report.

CreditXpert® What-If Simulator™

Customizable credit score forecasts. Simulate complex combinations of changes, such as paying down debt and transferring debt, or simply look into the future. Assess what the consumer can accomplish today to raise their score, and what can be done in the future.

Credit Assure™

Score improvement opportunity notifications (for example, +17 points) presented directly onto the credit report.

CreditXpert® Essentials™

Instantly provides the best plan to improve credit score by paying down debt, opening/closing accounts and other behavioral changes. Design a workout plan for consumers you can’t qualify today and turn them into clients for tomorrow.

Fraud Detection Solutions (LoanShield®)

Meets TILA-RESPA & GSE fraud prevention guidelines. Investor approvals include CitiMortgage, Chase, Chase Rural, Stonegate, Trustmark, Nationstar and Republic Bank & Trust.

LoanShield Investor Review

LoanShield Investor Review conducts a comprehensive review of an applicant’s 1003 data. It returns a unified report eliminating the need to run multiple reports, while instantly accessing billions of national data records. Investor Review verifies/checks; a) applicant’s ID, b) property data, c) watch lists, and d) the applicant’s employer company data.

  • Pass/Fail Status :: The “Pass/Fail” criteria replicates the findings criteria of an underwriter. Clearly, understand the status of the application and quickly work with the investor to clear appropriate alerts.
  • False Alert Remediation :: Investor Review’s “Expert Services” feature removes 100% of all false positives. The lender can also resubmit the request for assistance in clearing the alert and can add notes and supporting documentation in the investor journal and update status to “Fail” or “Cleared by Lender.”
  • Comprehensive Data Sources :: Data sources include, among others: FEMA Declared Disaster List, FHFA Home Price Index, Subject property data, Occupancy & Bankruptcy databases, and MERS Lien Registry.
LoanShield Credit Review

Credit Review satisfies Fannie Mae’s Loan Quality Initiative (LQI) requirements for a final credit review prior to closing. Uniquely eliminates redundant fees that are not required in the final credit report, and is a soft inquiry with all three credit bureaus – no impact to the applicant’s credit score.

  • Instantly compares “point-in-time” current credit data to the original credit report.
  • Uniquely eliminates redundant fees that are not required in the final credit report.
  • Credit Review is a soft inquiry with all three bureaus and will not affect the applicant’s credit score.
  • Identifies previously undisclosed liabilities.