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Identify credit and fraud risk with our innovative risk mitigation services. Whether you provide services/products to businesses or consumers, contact NCS to aid in designing a program for your specific business position.

NCS provides businesses with the credit reporting services they need to analyze a prospective consumer or business’ likelihood and ability to pay.

  • Extend credit to a greater number of users by understanding performing and nonperforming consumer segments
  • Mitigate losses and capitalize on gaining trends
  • Make smart, informed decisions based on empirical data as opposed to potentially biased or flawed assessments and avoid discrimination pitfalls
  • Tie credit investments to timely and consistently paying consumers
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Credit Risk Mitigation Solutions

Independent Verifications View More
Get direct manual verifications of prospective consumers’ or businesses source of income, identity and employment data.
  • INCOME | TRV® Services – determine the exact income and asset value of the business or consumer by obtaining a copy of their IRS tax return.
  • IDENTITY | SSV Services
  • EMPLOYMENT | VOE Services


Credit Reporting View More
Determine payment history, account balances, credit limits, and debt load.


Dun & Bradstreet Reports View More
Understand the finances of a prospective business customer.


UCC Filings View More
Understand the assets your business prospect currently owns.


Prescreening View More
Make an instant decision or delay for further underwriting based on attributes from an applicant’s credit report or multiple other/additional sources of data by using NCS’ decisioning tree.


Income Insight℠ View More
Receive an innovative and instant income estimation model. Income Insight℠ is a statistically sound and empirically derived estimate of a consumer’s income.
  • Meets Credit Card Act’s requirement to assess a borrower’s “ability to pay”
  • Complies with FCRA and ECOA
  • Delivers an estimated income figure as opposed to an income range
  • Enables assessment of all income sources including wages, investments, alimony and rent
  • Built using bureau-exclusive predictors and verified income data


Debt-to-Income Insight℠ View More
Debt-to-income ratios are commonly used in mortgage lending, but now you can also leverage this powerful and instantaneous analytic from Experian for credit risk mitigation within your credit department.
  • Determine the consumer’s capacity to acquire new debt
  • Select the type of debt (1st, 2nd mortgage, etc) used within the model

Debt-to-Income Insight was built using the empirically and statistically sound Income Insight℠ income estimation model and market-leading credit attributes.


Identity Search View More
An instant database social security number search provided by Experian, Social Search accesses and retrieves information on more than 215 million individual consumer files.

Receive a robust background on the SSN holder including:

  • Names and addresses associated with the consumer’s SSN
  • Full date of birth
  • Best known employment source of the number holder
  • All SSNs associated with the consumer


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