Consumer Lending

Banking Solutions

NCS offers a unique cost-effective approach to new account acquisitions, credit protection and lending. Our platform eliminates the need for antiquated mainframe solutions, delivering immense benefits to banks and lending institutions.

New Account Acquisitions

Safely open new accounts with our instant access to ChexSystems, banking history, NSF history and more. Applicants can also be instantly pre-screened against the OFAC database to comply with current law and regulation.


NCS has everything needed to screen loan applicants and assess credit risk. Automated decisions and queue management allow us to cater to all types of lending. With support for all major credit bureaus and sub-prime products, you’ll gain additional insight into virtually any applicant and gain the opportunity to serve new markets.

Credit Protection Packages

Offer your customers great identity theft protection through NCS. Along with our industry partners, we offer credit protection packages that include FICO score-monitoring, credit report-monitoring and AIG Identity Theft Insurance. You can never be too cautious when it comes to credit protection, but NCS will ensure your customers’ information is safeguarded behind a reliable wall of credit protection.

Benefits to banks and lending institutions:

  • Increase account openings and loans by understanding and mitigating risk
  • Prevent fraud by providing credit protection packages
  • Assess risk from multiple channels
  • Foster customer relationships with credit protection packages