Privacy Policy

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Consumer Privacy

Privacy is important to us.  NCS obtains information about consumers for specific purposes authorized by them and has established procedures to limit uses of the information only for the purposes authorized to meet consumer expectations.

National Credit-reporting Systems, Inc. (“NCS”) provides tax return verification services, and other related services.  These services enable consumers to obtain certain benefits in a more efficient and fair manner, by permitting our commercial customers (“Benefit Providers”) to make application decisions based on facts and the consumer’s own past financial history and performance.  NCS recognizes the privacy concerns of individuals and has taken steps to prevent improper access to information entrusted to us.  NCS participates regularly with industry associations that deal with these issues in order to stay informed of legal and technological privacy requirements.  This privacy policy applies to on-line and off-line data received by NCS.

What We Collect

We obtain nonpublic personal information such as, name, address, tax return information and other information about Consumers who authorize us to collect information from the following sources:

  • Consumers themselves
  • Benefit Providers
  • The United States Internal Revenue Services (“IRS”)

Disclosing Information

We obtain this information to assist Benefit Providers who wish to furnish a benefit requested by the Consumer.  We disclose the information only to Benefit Providers and others with a legitimate purpose relating to the transaction initiated by the Consumer.  We also use the information for various internal business purposes such as: customer services, consumer services, fraud prevention; and broadening and improving the services and products we can offer.  The process is performed in a manner that significantly enhances the Consumer’s ability to receive a quick and fair decision from the Benefit Provider.

Tax Return Information

Special conditions apply to the disclosure of tax return information.  The tax return information we receive through the IRS is revealed only to those that participate in the transaction for which the taxpayer release form (IRS form 4506-T) was intended. (See Disclosing Information).  NCS retains such information no longer than necessary to meet the objectives of the transaction or as required by law.


NCS has established procedures to assure that the information communicated accurately reflects the information received from the IRS.  NCS will respond to any legitimate request to correct inaccurate information in the manner provided by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Other Sites

As a convenience to our web site visitors, our web sites contain links to other sites to help educate visitors to our web site about the law and practices related to credit issues.  The owners of those sites are responsible for their content and privacy practices and our policies do not extend to those sites.

Keeping Consumer Information Secure

NCS maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to guard the Consumer’s nonpublic personal information.  Information on Consumers that is displayed through our web site is transmitted through a secured socket layer (SSL) 128-bit transmission.  Further, nonpublic personal information we retain is subject to numerous measures designed to help protect it from unauthorized access or alteration, including for example, firewalls, physical security measures, restricted employee access and encryption of certain information.

What About Cookies?

A cookie is small piece of information sent by a Web server and stored by the web browser so it can later be read back by the web browser.  Cookies enable the browser to be identified to the server, and allow the server to maintain an active “session” with an individual user.  Cookies help the browser remember some specific information.  We make limited use of cookies.  For example, cookies that we may use are “per session.”  A cookie creates a tracking identification number each time the user logs-in at the web site.  This tracking number makes authorized registration accessible for each transaction made during that visit.  This permits authorized visitors to access more than once during a session without re-entering identity information each time.  As a precaution, inactivity for a specific period with terminate the session and the cookie associated with that session.

Keeping Up-To-Date

We want Consumers to be fully informed about how we will protect their privacy.  We may change our privacy policy in the future, but we will not change our practices until we have notified Consumers.  Consumers who visit this site agree that we may notify them of changes in our policy through this website.  Consumers that have any questions about our Privacy and Opt-Out Notices or about our information practices can inquire by clicking Contact Us.

Other Sites

As a convenience to our web site visitors, our web sites contain links to other sites to help educate visitors to our web site about the law and practices related to credit issues.  The owners of those sites are responsible for their content and privacy practices and our policies do not extend to those sites.

Benefit Provider Privacy Policy

The National Credit-reporting System, and its affiliates (“NCS”) recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of business information about its customers (“Benefit Providers”) and the Benefit Provider’s customers (“Consumers”).  Business information includes all business-related identifying information that Benefit Providers provide to NCS.  NCS is sensitive to Benefit Providers’ privacy interests and believes that protecting valuable business and/or financial information is one of NCS’s most significant responsibilities.  The policies outlined below describe NCS’s policies to protect Benefit Providers’ privacy.

Use, Collection and Retention of Benefit Provider Information

NCS collects, retains and uses information about Benefit Providers that is either required by law or necessary to administer NCS’s business and provide high-level services to Benefit Providers.  NCS retains information no longer than necessary to meet such objectives.  All information voluntarily submitted, becomes property of NCS, with such submission acknowledging and consenting to NCS’s authority to use Benefit Provider’s name and/or address for advertising and promotional purposes without further consideration, unless prohibited by law.  Benefit Providers who do not want NCS to user their business information for NCS’s marketing efforts, may opt-out by informing NCS of such in advance.

Maintenance of Accurate Information

NCS has established procedures so that its Benefit Provider’s business and/or financial information is accurate, current and complete, in accordance with reasonable commercial standards.  Any request to correct inaccurate information will be responded to within a timely manner.

Limiting Employee Access to Information

NCS employees are educated about the importance of privacy and confidentiality.  Only those employees having a legitimate business reason for knowing a Benefit Provider’s business and/or financial information have access to such information.

Protection of Information Via Established Security Procedures

NCS maintains rigorous security standards and procedures regarding unauthorized access to Benefit Provider’s information.

Restrictions on the Disclosure of Account Information

NCs provides information about Benefit Provider’s accounts or other business related identifiable data to third parties only when: 1) the information is provided to help complete a Benefit Provider initiated transaction; 2) the Benefit Provider requires it; 3) the disclosure is required by/or allowed by law; or 4) it is necessary to process transactions and provide services.

Maintaining Benefit Provider Privacy in Business Relationships with Third Parties

If it is necessary to provide business related identifiable Benefit Provider information to a third party, NCS shall insist that the third party adhere to similar privacy principles that provide for keeping such information confidential.

Disclosure of Privacy Principles to Benefit Providers

Benefit Providers have the right to know what information is kept about them and how the information is used.  Benefit Providers have the right to have any inaccurate information corrected or deleted.

Security Issues

If a Benefit Provider should have a compelling privacy or security issue regarding information retained by NCS, the Benefit Provider may contact NCS for resolution.  NCS shall make every attempt to resolve the issue to the satisfaction of the Benefit Provider.
If a Benefit Provider’s customer should have a compelling privacy or security issue regarding information reported by NCS to others, such customer may contact NCS as is regulated by law.  NCS may refer the affected party to the US Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) to determine how to correct certain information in IRS records.  Such a process will help ensure that the information is corrected at the source.  (See Consumer Privacy Policy for more information.)

Information subject to change without notice.