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NCS proudly offers some of the most effective and expedient consumer-reporting services available – all thanks to the dedicated work of its entire team of professionals.

Leading the NCS team are six key executives whose experience in the credit-reporting industry and leadership skills have made the development and release of the services our clients rely on possible. Thanks to their commitment to quality “beyond the expected”, NCS has grown into a leader in offering unified verification and risk mitigation solutions.

  • Robert E. Knuth
  • Curtis R. Knuth
  • Jeffrey Herington
  • Cecil Bowman
  • Lisa Binkley
  • Jeff Gentry
  • Joe Poppler
  • Lindsey Farnsworth

Our Values

“Although not stated ostentatiously, we are pleased to note that the high concentration of integrity, customer service, and consumer sensitivity here at NCS is guided by Biblical principles. NCS policies are squarely focused toward the highest level of regulatory compliance and business ethics in our dealings with clients, partners, consumers, and associates. We hope our passion to provide performance excellence that is ‘beyond the expected’ is obvious through the way we conduct business.”

– Robert Knuth, Board of Directors Chairman & Founder

Solutions, service, and experience beyond the expected since 1978.

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