Credit Reporting

Quickly assess an applicant’s creditworthiness with decisioning trees, risk scores and powerful customization tools.

The mortgage credit reporting vendor
for originators, brokers and investors.

NCS is the agile credit reporting technology and service partner that best positions brokers and originators to close more loans, faster and cost-effectively.

NCS team members include former mortgage originators who design our solutions and processes for the best user experience.  NCS’ concierge score improvement service, featuring CreditXpert® solutions, support originators with neatly tailored score improvement suggestions for the consumer to act upon.  This featured service is one of NCS’ mortgage credit reporting solutions that provides a consultative touch for faster closings and greater opportunities for referral clients.

Five (5) days before closing, when the borrower takes on new credit or a portfolio review needs a custom query, we’re there to support your information needs.  With 30+ LOS integrations for tri-merge credit reports, AUS access (LP/DU) and multiple investor approvals, NCS mortgage credit reports are portable and fingertip accessible – and ready for you today.



☑ A well-executed and seasoned tri-merge mortgage credit report format
☑ Easily identify conditions that could stop a mortgage origination with Underwriting Alerts
☑ Easy to interpret repository trended credit data
☑ Risk-based pricing notes, prefilled 4506-T, SSA-89 forms, and AVMs can all be appended to the credit report to facilitate an efficient and speedy origination


☑ Fast credit updates/supplements completed by experienced and caring on-shore personnel
☑ Integrated with 30+ loan origination systems
☑ Easily activate undisclosed debt monitoring
☑ – a powerful and intuitive mortgage application platform
☑ Redundant systems, SOC II certificate, SLAs, and other supplemental documentation make risk reviews as streamlined as possible
☑ Take action on creditworthy applicants and counsel those who miss underwriting guidelines with decisioning trees
☑ Mortgage lead generation tools via Experian

Mortgage credit reports are eligible for NCS’ All Inclusive Pricing Program.

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Score Enhancement Tools (CreditXpert®)

Quickly assess score enhancement possibilities and forecast/simulate the scoring effects of positive and negative actions a consumer can take upon their credit file.

The CreditXpert Solution Suite provides the tools a mortgage originator needs when assisting a consumer in raising their risk scores. CreditXpert empowers the consumer to take specific actions to maximize their risk score and better position themselves for the loan program they desire.

The CreditXpert solutions listed below are available via the credit reporting platform. *CreditXpert Credit Assure™ is presented with each mortgage credit report.

CreditXpert® What-If Simulator™

Customizable credit score forecasts. Simulate complex combinations of changes, such as paying down debt and transferring debt, or simply look into the future. Assess what the consumer can accomplish today to raise their score, and what can be done in the future.

Credit Assure™

Score improvement opportunity notifications (for example, +17 points) presented directly onto the credit report.

CreditXpert® Essentials™

Instantly provides the best plan to improve credit score by paying down debt, opening/closing accounts and other behavioral changes. Design a workout plan for consumers you can’t qualify today and turn them into clients for tomorrow.

CreditXpert® reports are eligible for NCS’ All Inclusive Pricing Program.

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