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Consumer lenders nationwide trust NCS to deliver the intelligence needed to maximize portfolio strength and consumer satisfaction. Our easy-to-use reports put high-quality information at your fingertips, in both detailed and summarized formats.

NCS provides businesses with the credit reporting services they need to analyze a prospective consumer or business’ likelihood and ability to pay.

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Identify and mitigate credit and fraud risk with our innovative credit risk mitigation services. Whether you provide services/products to businesses or consumers, contact NCS to aid in designing a program for your specific business position.

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New risk mitigation tools such as Income Insight for auto loan lenders and full-service, onsite committed NCS sales representatives for auto dealers separate NCS’ consumer credit reporting offerings and customer service from competing sources.

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NCS provides our bank and lending clients regulatory compliance, customer advocacy and solid, steady growth. We offer a unique, cost-effective approach to new account acquisitions, credit protection and lending.

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