About NCS


We commit beyond the expected to build a strong bond with our clients by delivering cutting edge risk mitigation solutions and superior support; ensuring efficiency, compliance, and trust.

Company Overview

NCS (National Credit-reporting System, Inc.), a full-service credit-reporting agency specializing in third-party validation services and credit intelligence data, offers a unified verification and risk mitigation offering, blending performance and efficient design for today’s mortgage industry leaders.

A trusted leader with lenders nationwide since 1978, NCS is a private and family-owned company navigating you through solutions, services, and experience needed to maximize portfolio strength and consumer satisfaction beyond the expected. We are the industry pioneer of being the first organization to offer IRS tax transcript solutions (TRV® Services) nationwide.

BEYOND THE EXPECTED.™ It’s why lenders nationwide trust NCS to deliver the data intelligence needed to maximize portfolio strength and consumer satisfaction. Our easy-to-use reports put high-quality information at your fingertips, in both detailed and summarized formats, to facilitate decision-making in minimizing risk.

‘What’s with all the yachts’, you ask?

Located on the eastern shoreline near Atlantic city, in a small NJ town known as Egg Harbor City with a rich local history of manufacturing some of the world’s finest sports yachts, we have identified key similarities between NCS and sports yachts, as follows:

  • Template.
    Every boat maker starts with a basic template or mold but customizes the boat for each customer to provide something new, different, or better. Customization is key, to give the client the competitive edge – NCS is the same. We have commodity products but we customize for the client. We strive to do it better, we go above & beyond.
  • Stability.
    NCS’ mission is to create a sense of stability by empowering our clients to trust that we can navigate them through rough waters, cutting through the storm. Most competitive offshore vessels can be put on autopilot – we represent that same concept. So, take confidence that when you entrust in NCS, we’ll deliver beyond the expected allowing you to focus on other mission-critical objectives. We will navigate you through solutions, services, and experience needed to maximize portfolio strength and consumer satisfaction…beyond the expected.
  • Family.
    Boating is a social platform, evokes collaboration, teamwork. Once you come on board at NCS, you are part of the family, and we take care of family.